Recent legislation in the UK has reinforced both the importance of sanctions clauses and the prohibition of any reimbursement of ransoms to proscribed terrorist groups. The definition of terrorism is clarified for the avoidance of doubt, as the “use or threat of action designed to influence the Government or to intimidate the public; and is done for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause”.

Our Family K&R Product
Families who live in, or who are exposed to the risks of kidnap and extortion, have come to appreciate the value of insurance policies and advice at the time of an incident. The incident may be real, or just a threat – the policy will respond to offer advice initially and ultimately reimbursement for insured events. Policies are best suited to Latin American families who want comprehensive cover and access to professional and financial assistance in the event of an incident. The XL Catlin (re)insurance product is designed to offer the broadest coverage available – this includes a number of exclusive benefits that are not available from other (re)insurers.

Our Corporate K&R Product
Any Corporation with employees, or others for whom they have accepted responsibility, has a duty of care to ensure that employees have adequate training and security to avoid the risk of extortion, detention, hijack and kidnap and also have appropriate levels of insurance in place to respond to such incidents. The pursuit of lucrative contracts often takes Corporations to foreign countries where risk has to be balanced with reward. Employees are exposed to risks and Corporations are consequently exposed to the potential of managing incidents as well as the potential for legal action brought by families claiming that appropriate measures were not in place to either mitigate or avoid such incidents. We offer a wording tailored to corporate risk which might typically cover all Directors, Officers and Employees of a Corporation.

Our Piracy Product
Our piracy product is designed to benefit those ship-owners / managers or charterers genuinely taking measures to avoid pirate attack. We will work with customers to ensure that their profile is assessed and that coverage and price reflect the ship-owner’s investment in preparing for potential attack. We want to make sure that our product allows clients to claim credit where it is due and to work with clients to ensure that policies are there for a catastrophe should it happen.

Our Fine Art Product
Our fine art product offers broad insurance to Private Collections, Dealers, Galleries, Museums, Exhibitions and Shippers of Art or other collectable items. We offer full comprehensive cover or insurance on the basis of limited perils; insurance is on a worldwide basis and can include multiple locations (where necessary), as well as transits and new acquisitions.
Private Collectors often look for discretion when dealing with valued assets. We offer a competitive product to discerning collectors who love their collections of art. Reinsurance is provided from the Lloyd’s market and from individuals who have significant experience of both the territory and the risks.
As well as traditional Art, we can provide insurance for jewellery, classic cars and other collectable items be they fragile or non-fragile.

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