The Firm

Servatum Ltd was formed to offer a highly personalised service to the Latin American market for K&R and Fine Art insurance. The business is based on relationships, with core principles built around trust, experience, confidentiality, innovation and excellence.

Our geographic focus is in Latin America. We are a boutique business which has grown quickly in 3 years to become a respected alternative to some of the more established providers.

Mission Statement

To give clear and accurate explanations; to offer fair value for money; to evoke creativity, enthusiasm and passion for the benefit of all customers no matter how big or small.

Our Service Providers

XL Catlin (re)insure the K&R policies. XL Catlin has their own company in Guernsey and our policies are reinsured into the XL Catlin syndicate at Lloyd’s.

XL Catlin is supported by red24 who have developed into a leading provider of crisis risk management and response services.

Fine Art policies are 100% reinsured by Lloyd’s and we have access to a number of alternatives to ensure we offer competitive products. Cover is provided under an administrative agreement with Alternative Risk Management Limited (Guernsey) on behalf of Staple Hall Underwriting Services PCC Limited (SHUS).

SHUS handles client funds and produces certificates of insurance on behalf of the markets we use.